Maroubra Junction Public School


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Welcome to Maroubra Junction Public School

Our vision statement

At Maroubra Junction Public School we are all learners. We empower future focused lifelong learners in a collaborative community. At our school, learning is visible. This means that all members of our learning community have a shared understanding of the visible learning ethos, 'when teachers see learning through the eyes of their students and students see themselves as their own teachers' (Hattie).

We are all active participants who embrace challenge through being collaborative, reflective, curious, creative, self-aware, connected and resilient as we navigate through the Maroubra Junction Public School learning process.

At Maroubra Junction Public School, ‘every face has a place, every voice is valued and everyone has something to contribute’ (KidsMatter). In an inclusive, supportive and respectful environment, we nurture a sense of belonging and positive relationships among students, teachers, parents and the wider community.